Hanan Badr el-Din Othman

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Hanan Badr el-Din Othman is an Egyptian human rights activist and co-founder of the Association of the Families of the Disappeared. This association is an association of people whose relatives have become victims of forced disappearances.


Hanan Badr el-Din Othman was arrested on May 6, 2017 when she was visiting Qanatar Prison to obtain information about her husband's whereabouts. This has been considered to have disappeared since July 27, 2013 after taking part in a demonstration. Hanan Badr el-Din Othman was taken to the South Banha Public Prosecutor's Office the day after her arrest , where she was held by the Egyptian State Security. The State Security accused her of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood . Her detention was then extended. She was still in preventive detention on September 5, 2017. Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Frontline Defenders suspect that Hanan Badr el-Din Othman was detained for her human rights activities and have demanded her freedom. She was finally released on April 25, 2019.

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