Harrier (dog breed)

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Harrier (dog breed)
FCI Standard No. 295
1.2 Medium-sized hounds
Origin :

United Kingdom

Withers height:

38-55 cm


22-27 kg

List of domestic dogs

The Harrier is an FCI recognized British breed of dog ( FCI Group 6, Section 1.2, Standard No. 295 ). The breed was originally bred for hare hunting and so the name is an abbreviation of the English term Hare-Hound (rabbit dog).

Origin and history

The Harrier originated in the west of England about 800 years ago. Its ancestors were believed to have been bloodhounds and forerunners of the modern beagle .


The Harrier grows up to 55 cm and weighs 27 kg. All shades from black to orange occur on a normally white background; in France it is mainly bred in three colors. Its fur is smooth, close-fitting, but not too short. The ears are pendulous, flat, medium-short.

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