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Main office refers to either a central office within the municipal administration or a term from civil service law, depending on the use.

Main office in the municipal administration

The main office is a department, a specialist area or a subject area within a local government , which is usually responsible for questions of process organization and internal administration as well as for central services such as B. Procurement and overall control is responsible. So is z. B. the IT department, the post office and the caretaker service are often attached to the main office. Since the area of ​​responsibility of the main offices is not legally stipulated, the tasks cannot be described conclusively, as is the case, for example, with the registration offices or the registry offices. Often the area of ​​responsibility of the main office is determined by a municipal statute. In many municipal administrations, the departments and units are numbered consecutively. The main office usually has the number 10. Regardless of the assignment of specific fields of activity, the main office is the department of a municipality that provides suggestions for the further development of the overall administration and municipality. This is often summarized under the term “general control”.

Main office in civil service law

The main office (usually adjectivally as full-time ) is used in civil service law in contrast to the secondary office or honorary office . The main office represents the main activity of the official. The secondary office, however, is often a secondary activity of the official. It can also be ordered by the (service) superior. For example, a civil servant can act as a head of department in the Ministry of Transport as a full-time office and work on the supervisory board of a railway company as a secondary office. In Baden-Württemberg, professional fire brigade officers used to be employed full-time. H. fire-fighting activities, for example, were not allowed to be performed by civil servants. In Switzerland, the term full office is more common.

Main office in the National Socialist state

In the Nazi state , main offices were also subdivisions of the NSDAP . The Reich Main Security Office was a mixture of state and party office.

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