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Hazer in action

Hazers (from English haze , "haze") are haze devices that are used on stages. The process of producing the fog is similar to that of a fog machine . In contrast to the latter, however, they do not create a dense fog, which should be visible as an effect, but an almost invisible haze to make light rays visible.

Hazers usually don't have a compressor , but a fan . Depending on the device, the fan speed and the evaporation can be regulated separately. As a rule, two DMX control channels are used on the control panel .

Hazers should be switched on some time before the start of the show so that the haze effect can build up. Compared with fog machines are often other haze fluids ( Hazer fluid ) used to meet the specific requirements. The devices often have an output of 3500 watts or more and therefore develop a lot of heat at the outlet nozzles. After the device has been switched off, the fan continues to run at a low level to cool the device.

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