Helmut Freydank

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Helmut Freydank (born November 2, 1935 ) is a German ancient orientalist .

Helmut Freydank studied ancient oriental studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin . He was also in 1966 on the theme of Neo-Babylonian economic texts from Uruk at the Institute of Oriental Research doctorate . In 1987 he submitted his “ Dissertation Bcontributions to Central Assyrian chronology and history to the Academy of Sciences of the GDR . After the fall of the Wall, he was taken on as a research assistant at the ancient oriental seminar at the Free University of Berlin from 1990 until his retirement in 2000 , where he was also appointed honorary professor in 1999.

Freydank has published numerous collections of sources with cuneiform texts , often from the holdings of the Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin . He is also one of the editors of the source collection of texts from the environment of the Old Testament . Most recently he edited several volumes from the Assur project of the German Orient Society . Freydank is also co-editor of the Orientalist literary magazine .


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