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Classification depending on the location of the renewal buds

Hemicryptophytes (also Hemicryptophyten) (Greek. Ἥμι hemi- "semi" κρυπτός kryptós "hidden"; φυτόν Phyton "plant") are plants whose Überdauerungs buds are at the surface. As a rule, these are covered by snow, leaves or earth as protection from the weather.

There are several types of these perennial herbaceous surface plants :

  • Rosette hemicryptophytes (this subheading also includes eyrie hemicryptophytes, e.g. eyrie grasses);
  • Creeping hemicryptophytes, also called creeping plants, form root shoots on the surface and thereby spread further;
  • Shaft plants, which develop a vertical root, on the shaft of which the plant renews itself after wintering;
  • Climbing perennials.

As a hemicryptophyte society, they form a perennial ruderal corridor on fallow land .

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