Hermippos (Athens)

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Hermippos ( Greek  Ἕρμιππος ), son of Lysis from Athens , was born in the 5th century BC. A Greek poet of the ancient comedy . He succeeded the Kratinos and was a little older than his later competitors Aristophanes and Eupolis .

Hermippus, who was supposedly one-eyed, was victorious in 436/35 BC. BC for the first time with the Dionysia and then four times with the Lenaia . Of his forty pieces, eleven titles have survived, some of which refer to the current political situation and some of which can be identified as parodies of mythology or tragedy . The fragments prove the seriousness of his contemporary polemics, which were directed primarily against the leaders of the warring party Pericles , Hyperbolus and Alcibiades . Pericles' companion, Aspasia , was named by him around 433/32 BC. BC accused in court of godlessness and coupling.


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