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Hi-Eddi is the name of a drawing program for the home computer Commodore 64 . It was developed by Hans Haberl in the mid- 1980s and published in the Zeitschriften 64'er Magazin and later in the Happy Computer for typing.

The program had rudimentary functions for creating images and was very popular because of its easy handling and low price. It was consistently designed as a drawing program and worked in the highest resolution (320 × 200 pixels), which is why the color capabilities were not as pronounced. It was also possible to create small animations. The range of functions is all the more remarkable as the author says he initially only wrote the program because a Chinese friend of his wanted to write texts in Chinese on a C64 and there was still no suitable program for it.

Hi-Eddi met with great interest, which is why in 1985 the program author published the improved version Hi-Eddi plus in Markt & Technik Verlag as a book with an accompanying diskette.

A similar project was Giga-CAD Plus by Stefan Vilsmeier .


  • Hans Haberl: Mini-CAD with Hi-Eddi plus on the C 64 / C128; (1985); ISBN 3890901360

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