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Amazonia , Brazil
speaker 600 (2000)
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2


ISO 639-3


Hixkaryána is a Carib language located on the Rio Nhamundá , Mapuera and Japatú , which are tributaries of the Amazon . The language has about 600 speakers. It was the first described language with the sentence order object-verb-subject .


ahakheno = [æhæk̭ːhunɔ] = my dead father

tamutho = [tæmutːhɔ] = grandfather

tonishá = one

sakó = two

sorowão = three

tamushi = man

wosy = woman

kamara = dog

toná = water

wuhritó = fire

toto = man

kamara = jaguar

Toto y-ahosɨ-ye kamara = The jaguar attacked the man.

Onà wyaro-tà amnyehra nehxakonà, Khoryenkom karyehtanà ywero, yaworono ywero-he = In the beginning God created heaven and earth.


Hixkaryána is written in a Latin-based alphabet:

a b d dy e f H ɨ k m n ny O p r ry s t tx u w x y
æ b d ɟ e ɸ H ɯ k m n ɲ ɔ p ɾ ɽʲ s t u w ʃ j


Only 30% to 60% of Hixkaryán speakers can write or read their language.

Literature in Hixkaryána

Portions of the Bible were translated in 1966. The entire New Testament was published ten years later.

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