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Holger Thesleff (* 1924 in Helsinki ) is a Finnish classical philologist and historian of philosophy .

After graduating from school in 1942, Thesleff served as an artilleryman in the wars against the Soviet Union . After the end of it, he went to sea on a tall ship . He later published his experiences under the title Farewell Windjammer (Thames & Hudson, London 1951).

He then studied Greek , Latin and Comparative Linguistics at the University of Helsinki . After graduating in 1948, he continued his studies at University College London in the early 1950s and received his PhD in 1954 with a dissertation on intensifying expressions in ancient Greek at the University of Helsinki. From 1955 on he held various academic positions in Finland . In 1968 he was appointed to the chair of Greek Philology at the University of Helsinki, and in 1987 he retired.

He published in Finnish, Swedish and English. In the late 1950s he began studying Pythagorean literature from a Platonist perspective. He then devoted himself to Plato , who became his research focus and whose full translation into Swedish and Finnish he published. In particular, his investigations into Plato's style and chronology received much attention. In both languages ​​he published not only on Plato, but also on ancient intellectual history .

In addition to membership in various academic societies, he was a founding member of the Nordic Plato Society ( Platonselskabet ; from 1970 on) and the International Plato Society (IPS; from 1989 on).

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