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Home office

State level Federation
position Federal Ministry
founding March 27, 1782
Headquarters 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
Authority management Minister Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary
Budget volume £ 500 million 2018-2019
Web presence www.home office.gov
Marsham Street in Westminster, London , headquarters of the Border Guard's Home Office

Home Office (formerly also Home Department ) is the name of the British Home Office . He is responsible for matters of internal security such as the fight against crime , drug trafficking and terrorism as well as data protection . It is also responsible for border protection and the fight against illegal immigration .


Home Secretary ( Home Secretary ) is since July 24, 2019 Priti Patel after Boris Johnson became premier.

The Interior Minister is represented by a Permanent Secretary .


Lunar House in Croydon , headquarters of the UK Visa and Immigration Division of the Home Office

On March 17, 1782, the two previously existing British ministries were given new names. The previous "Southern Department" (responsible for the south of England, Ireland and relations with non-Protestant countries in Europe) was renamed the Home Office . The "Northern Department" (responsible for the north of England, Scotland and relations with the Protestant states of Europe) was called the Foreign Office from that day on . Associated with this was a transfer of all internal affairs to the Home Office and all matters relating to foreign countries to the Foreign Office .

All subsequent British ministries were created by shifting responsibilities from the home office .


The authority includes the following facilities: a .:

Non-ministerial government departments

  • National Crime Agency

Supervisory authorities

  • HM Inspectorate of Constabulary
  • Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration
  • Independent Office for Police Conduct and other oversight bodies
  • Home Affairs Select Committee
  • HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services


  • Border Force
  • HM Passport Office
  • Immigration Enforcement
  • Corporate services
  • UK Visas and Immigration
  • Police Services (England and Wales)
  • Fire and Rescue Services (England)
  • Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism

Cross-departmental public bodies

  • Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
  • Animals in Science Committee
  • Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Gangmasters Licensing Authority
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission
  • Investigatory Powers Tribunal
  • Migration Advisory Committee
  • National DNA Database Ethics Group
  • Office of Surveillance Commissioners
  • Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
  • Police Advisory Board for England and Wales
  • Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal
  • Police Remuneration Review Body
  • Security Industry Authority
  • Technical Advisory Board

More word meaning

In everyday German working life, home office is used as anglicism for the home office , especially when it is a workplace in one's own apartment equipped with a computer and communication technology.

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