Huib plateau

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The Huib Plateau at a glance
Table mountains near Kubub around 1910

The Huib Plateau (also Huib High Plateau ) is a mountain range in the southwest of Namibia . Adjacent to the west is the restricted diamond area , to the south the Hunsberge .

During the colonial period, as in large parts of Namibia, attempts were made to farm. Kilometers of fences were put up. Some remains of this period can be found in this area. Old farmhouses like Tsaus or Climlag are here.

Today, thanks to the operators of the Huibpark, the area is almost free of fences. The natural flora and fauna can slowly fully develop again.


There are various mountains in the Huib Plateau. In the north Glimlag and Tsau. In the west Oisib and the Arasab mountain (Arasab se Vaalkop) In the east Kokerboomkloof, Tafelkop and Ruspunt. To the south Pokkenbank, Anib, and Grens.

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Coordinates: 27 ° 10 ′  S , 16 ° 50 ′  E