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The Humboldt Forum Recht (HFR) is a legal internet journal.


The publication was founded in 1995 as Germany's first legal internet journal by students at the Humboldt University in Berlin and has been publishing exclusively on the internet since 1996. In 2016 the magazine stopped its publication.


The HFR is divided into a joint editorial and editorial group , the advisory board and the board of trustees .

The HFR is published on a voluntary basis by students, trainee lawyers and academic staff.

The HFR Advisory Board is made up of former HFR editors.

The scientific board of trustees consists of the law professors Christoph G. Paulus , Bernhard Schlink and Gerhard Werle .

HFR contributions

More than 100 scientific legal articles have been published since the journal was founded .

HFR contribution competitions

Every year the HFR initiates an international legal competition with a focus on Germany , Austria and Switzerland through special advertising . With this, the next generation of academics is invited to write articles on a specific legal and socio-political topic. The three best contributions will be rewarded and honored with a publication on the HFR website.

So far, the following competitions have been held:

  1. "Law and Change"
  2. "The naked citizen"
  3. "From emperor to moderator"
  4. "Globalization of Justice"
  5. "Power Haber without legitimation"
  6. "Fabrication of Law"
  7. "Right in Times of Terror"

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