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Hymenectomy is the medical name for the surgical removal of the hymen (hymen). In the case of a hymen imperforatus with complete closure of the vaginal opening and an accumulation of menstrual blood ( hematocolpos ), the procedure is also called hymenal splitting .

Such an intervention is medically indicated in order to allow the stagnant menstrual blood to drain away . Hymenectomy is also necessary for the hymen altus , in which the posterior hymenal margin extends below the urethral orifice. In the case of a very rigid hymen which does not allow penetrative sexual intercourse, or which leads to considerable pain ( dyspareunia ) even after repeated penetration , splitting or removal of the hymen is also indicated. However, this must be distinguished from vaginismus , in which the removal of the hymen does not lead to success.

The hymenotomy is a small interference, usually from gynecologist in local anesthesia ( local anesthesia ) can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The procedure is also carried out in veterinary medicine, especially in the case of incomplete regression of the hymen in bitches, which is very rare.


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