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An IHK examination committee organizes, accompanies and assesses the final exams in recognized training and further education professions of the chambers of industry and commerce , especially in the area of ​​commercial, industrial and IT professions in Germany . The focus is on the practical and theoretical part of the training.

The "Examination Committee", which is provided for this by educational policy, advises, for example, before the start of the examination period (winter semester or summer semester) on the admissibility of the submitted project topics for the practical examination or specifies topics. The examination board looks after the candidates assigned to it throughout the entire examination process. He reviews and evaluates the written exams, conducts the technical discussion and supervises the practical parts of the exam.

The examination board also prepares the written exams. If there are several committees, a task creation committee can be set up. As the levels often differed from region to region in the past, the chambers can apply to their umbrella organization for the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) that the examination tasks be developed centrally by the examination task and teaching material development center (PAL). These tasks will then be used uniformly nationwide. This also means that all candidates in the respective occupation nationwide have to take their exams on the same day. However, these examinations are checked and assessed by the respective examination board of the chamber at which the examination is taken.

The members of the IHK examination committees are not employees of the IHK, but are appointed by it for a period of five years and work on an honorary basis. Proposals for appointment can come from companies, associations, trade unions, but also directly from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. An examination board is made up of three types of volunteer members: employer representatives, employee representatives and vocational school teachers . The IHK examination board is represented by the elected chairman or his deputy.

The legal basis is regulated in the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

The IHK examination board decides, similar to the university examination board of the universities or the Chamber of Crafts examination committees for the skilled apprenticeship trades, on passing or failing an exam and on its grading.

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