ISO 10006

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Area Quality management
title Quality management systems - guidelines for quality management in projects
Latest edition 2003
ISO 10006

The ISO 10006 is a quality management standard and contains the guidelines for quality management in projects. It is currently available as a June 2003 edition. In Germany, the standard is published as the technical rule DIN-Fachbericht ISO 10006: 2004 .

The standard is divided into eight chapters, which are structured analogously to the chapters of DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 (obsolete in 2015) and some of them have the same chapter headings.

The standard is intended to apply to projects of various complexity, whereby the term project is defined as follows:

" 3.5. Project
one-time process (3.4.1), which consists of a set of coordinated and controlled operations (3.1) with start and end dates and is carried out to achieve a goal that meets specific requirements (3.1.2), with restrictions in In terms of time, cost and resources. (See also ISO 9000: 2000 definition 3.4.3) "

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