DIN 69901

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Logo of the German Institute for Standardization DIN 69901
Area Project economy
title Project management
Brief description: Basics, processes, process model, methods, data, data model, terms
Latest edition 2009-01

The DIN series of standards DIN 69901 describes the basics, processes, process model, methods, data, data model and terms in project management . Under the main title project management; Project management systems , this series of standards contains the following five parts (all issue date January 2009):

  • DIN 69901-1 basics
  • DIN 69901-2 processes, process model
  • DIN 69901-3 methods
  • DIN 69901-4 data, data model
  • DIN 69901-5 terms


Parts 1 and 2 of the series of standards deal with various basic terms such as project , project management or project economy . Part 3 regulates the nomenclature for the project structure , project structure plan , work package and network plan technology . Part 4 defines project organization , project management and project manager , part 5 defines the project phase and reports on project completion . DIN 69901-5 describes terms, such as functional specification and requirement specification , for project management.

In addition, please refer to DIN 69900 : 2009-01 project management; Network plan technology; Descriptions and terms pointed out.

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