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The ISO 7010 standard specifies rescue, prohibition, mandatory, warning and fire protection signs. The shapes and colors are based on ISO 3864. The standard is intended to ensure greater security internationally through uniform labels.

The European standard is EN ISO 7010 , the current version of which was adopted by the European Committee for Standardization in March 2020. In Austria it replaces the ÖNORM Z1000.

European Standard EN ISO 7010 +
Appendix A1
National standards DIN EN ISO 7010
SN EN ISO 7010
Area character
Regulates Safety sign
Brief description Graphic symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Registered safety signs
Latest edition 2020-03 (EN ISO 7010)
2019-07 (ISO 7010)


The colors of the characters are specified in the ISO standard 3864-4 in RAL colors .

Meaning / use RAL name RAL number RGB hex Color sample
warning Signal yellow 1003 # F9A800
Prohibition / fire protection Signal red 3001 # 9B2423
bid Signal blue 5005 # 005387
rescue Signal green 6032 # 237F52
Border / symbol Signal white 9003 # ECECE7
symbol Signal black 9004 # 2B2B2C

Emergency lighting and afterglow

Both the fire protection signs and the escape signs must be photoluminescent according to ASR A1.3 if no electrical emergency lighting is available. This means that the signs, when stimulated by light, shine independently without any energy supply. The colors are lost, but the shapes remain recognizable as outlines.


The various characters are divided into categories. Within this, the characters are numbered consecutively. The following is a list of the categories:

use category
warning sign W.
Prohibition sign P
Fire protection sign F.
Mandatory sign M.
Escape sign E.

warning sign

shape triangular
Background color Signal yellow (RAL 1003)
Icon color Signal black (RAL 9004)
category W.

Prohibition sign

shape round
Background color Signal white (RAL 9003) and signal red border with a line through it (RAL 3001)
Icon color Signal black (RAL 9004)
category P

Fire protection sign

shape square
Background color Signal red (RAL 3001)
Icon color Signal white (RAL 9003)
category F.
(1)These symbols are only permitted in connection with another fire protection symbol. If necessary, they can be rotated in steps of 90 °.

Mandatory sign

shape round
Background color Signal blue (RAL 5005)
Icon color Signal white (RAL 9003)
category M.

Escape sign

shape square (rectangular with directional arrow)
Background color Signal green (RAL 6032)
Icon color Signal white (RAL 9003)
category E.

Further requirements can be found under the DIN 67510 standard. The numbers E005 and E006 are not used because the additional arrows are no longer allowed alone, but only in conjunction with other escape signs.

(2) These characters are only permitted in conjunction with a directional arrow.
(3)These signs are only allowed in connection with another escape sign. If necessary, they can be rotated in steps of 90 °.

Examples of escape routes with directional arrow:

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