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Ijāza ( Arabic اجازة, DMG iǧāza ) is a term from the Islamic teaching system that originally referred to the authorization of a student by his teacher to pass on a text, book or a teaching tradition.

In Germany

In Germany, it designates the commissioning of providing Islamic religious instruction in public schools in accordance with Article 7 III 2 of the Basic Law .

More and more states in the Federal Republic of Germany are endeavoring to offer Muslim students religious instruction based on the principles of their faith.

North Rhine-Westphalia

On December 22, 2011, the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia passed the law introducing Islamic religious instruction as a regular subject (7th law amending school law).


Applicants will be given permission to teach Islamic lessons if the following requirements are met by the advisory board mentioned in Section 132 a, Paragraphs 4 to 7:

  • Confession to Islam
  • Successful completion of a teaching degree in Islamic religious education or the obligation to take part in further training measures that impart didactic and / or religious education skills
  • Promise to give religious instruction in accordance with Islamic teaching
  • Observance of the principles of Islam in personal life
  • Certificate of participation in community life from the mosque community
  • Declaration on cooperation with a mosque community in relation to Islamic religious instruction
  • Willingness to take part in further education and training
  • Approval by 75% of the advisory board members


The applicant's application must contain the following documents:

  • informal application letter
  • resume
  • Information on personal motivation for the profession in relation to Islamic religious education in a separate letter
  • University certificate (s), if applicable certificates
  • Certificate of participation in community life from a mosque community

Mosque community

The mosque communities mentioned here are those that are organized in the Muslim Coordination Council. Other mosque communities can be recognized by the advisory board. The advisory board also decides in cases in which no certificate can be provided.


Individual evidence

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