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International vaccination card
A vaccination certificate from 1899
Kiel vaccination certificate from 1933

A vaccination card or vaccination certificate is used to prove vaccinations that a person has received. It also shows which further vaccinations are due and when. The vaccination card should also prevent wrong or existing vaccinations from being carried out. A vaccination card is ideally issued at birth.

International vaccination card

The International Vaccination Card , also known as the Vaccination Pass or Vaccination Book or, officially, International Certificates for Vaccinations and Vaccination Book of the World Health Organization (WHO), is a standardized vaccination card according to the International Health Regulations. To enter certain countries (e.g. Chad ), the international vaccination card must be shown on request. This is to prevent the uncontrolled spread of infectious diseases ( rabies , yellow fever , etc.).

In Germany, the international vaccination card is issued in accordance with Section 22 of the Infection Protection Act (from 1962 to 2000 in accordance with Section 16 of the Federal Disease Act) for every newborn and can also be obtained from any health department or (for medical professionals) from the German Green Cross based in Marburg .

The Bavarian Health Service and Consumer Protection Act (version dated December 11, 2012) stipulates that existing vaccination cards and vaccination certificates must be presented by the legal guardians at the school entrance examination and at further school vaccination advice.

In Switzerland, the vaccination card is compulsory in order to receive further vaccinations.

In Austria, the vaccination pass is issued by the pediatrician as part of the mother-child pass examination. Adults can obtain a vaccination certificate from their general practitioner, pharmacy or the Ministry of Health.

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