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Ethmoid bone of the bony skull from the nasal cavity

Under Infundibulotomy is meant an endoscopic or microscopic operation of Otolaryngology , wherein the infundibulum ethmoidale (mucosal niche beneath the middle turbinate) by removal of the uncinate process (hook extension) of the ethmoid bone is expanded. Usually the ethmoid bulla is also opened and cleared. The access route for this operation is the respective nostril.

The procedure serves to improve the ventilation and drainage of the downstream paranasal sinuses . This procedure also represents the first step in further endoscopic operations on the paranasal sinuses. The operation is carried out under local anesthesia (surface anesthesia ) or intubation anesthesia . A one to two day hospital stay is the rule.

One indication for this operation is primarily the polypous chronic sinus inflammation in the anterior ethmoid bone with obstruction of nasal breathing and the sense of smell.