Ingrid Kötter

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Ingrid Kötter (born Ingrid Göbel on June 23, 1934 in Hagen in Westphalia) is a German author of children's and young people's books. She writes television scripts for various broadcasters as well as radio plays , poetry and novels .


  • Everyone says new to me
  • Cocker & Co. That darned key
  • Cocker & Co., detective agency
  • Cocker & Co., thieves in the zoo
  • The secret of the bronze mask
  • Detective Jan Winter, on the trail of thieves
  • The headscarf class
  • The chickenpox gang
  • For twenty pfennigs picture salad
  • I dare to do something!
  • Don't be afraid of Mister Doberman!
  • Crocodile at the dentist
  • Girls are great!
  • Sometimes I'm a giant at night
  • Brave, brave, Katharina!
  • School is nice!
  • Sebastian and the giant flower
  • Tim is looking forward to school
  • You can dream of super parents
  • Why we moved to Berlin
  • Willi water cat
  • Twins rarely come alone
  • You can see noses so and so

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