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The Lexicon of Westphalian Authors is a literary-biographical reference work edited by Walter Gödden and Iris Nölle-Hornkamp , which was published from 1993 to 2002 in four volumes (with an author and place register) by the Schöningh Verlag in Paderborn under the name of Westphalian Author's Lexicon . The lexicon has been appearing as an online portal since 2005 under the name "Lexicon of Westphalian authors" in cooperation with the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association . The online literature portal "Literaturportal Westfalen" of the Landscape Association's literature commission continues the work.

The first edition of the lexicon contains articles on around 20,000 people. The Westphalian Authors ' Lexicon is edited and edited by Walter Gödden and Iris Nölle-Hornkamp on behalf of the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association. For the first time, it offers a systematic, detailed review of Westphalian literature. It covers the period from 1750 to 1950 according to the age groups of the writers. By taking into account the entire spectrum of literary life in Westphalia , it opens up not only the literary, but also the cultural and political past of the region.

The author's lexicon portrays over 2,000 writers who were born or died in Westphalia, as well as authors who were literary in Westphalia for at least ten years. The total number of bibliographical references amounts to approx. 70,000 mentions. The lexicon contains catalogs of works broken down by location (in part including reviews and editions). It records letters from and to the author, provides information on biographical and literary references, cites the most important secondary literature, provides information on the author's estate and provides information on still existing visual material. It also names the most important testimonies to the history of its impact and deals with literary memorials.


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