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The literature commission for Westphalia is a scientific research institute founded in 1998 by the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) . Alongside the Antiquities Commission for Westphalia , the Historical Commission for Westphalia , the Geographical Commission for Westphalia , the Commission for Dialect and Name Research in Westphalia and the Commission for Everyday Culture Research for Westphalia, it is one of the LWL's six scientific commissions for regional studies.

The literature commission is dedicated to researching and communicating Westphalian literature from its beginnings to the present day. Its members are scientists from the fields of research and literature mediation, mainly from Westphalian universities. The office of the literature commission is located in the Erbdrostenhof in Münster, its managing director has been Walter Gödden since it was founded .

Chair of the Commission

First chair since the founding of the commission:


The literature commission publishes the series “Publications of the Literature Commission for Westphalia” and the periodical “Literature in Westphalia. Contributions to Research ”. In addition, she publishes audio and visual media in the series “Tonzeugnisse zur Westphalian literature” and “Live! on the cultural property ”. Since it was founded in 1998, over 100 media have appeared. About ten more are added every year. The four-volume “ Lexicon of Westphalian Authors ” edited by the commission offers a systematic review of Westphalian literature from 1750 to the present day for the first time. It introduces over 2000 authors in detail. The standard work is also available online. The series of publications with over 50 book publications offers an open publication forum with monographs, conference proceedings, exhibition catalogs, editions of works and documentation on the history of the company's impact. The periodical "Literatur in Westfalen" is the central organ of literary research in Westphalia. It contains contributions to Westphalian literary history and today's literary business (laudations, research reports, obituaries, etc.). In 2012 the new series “Aufgeblättert. Discoveries in the Westphalian Literature Archive ”opened with a first volume on the estate of the Lünen author Werner Warsinsky .

Online portals

The Literature Commission operates the following internet portals:

  • Westphalia literature portal
  • Author Lexicon Westphalia
  • Online reading books: Library Westfalica
  • Database "Westphalian literary estates"
  • Online portal for Annette von Droste-Hülshoff
  • Online journal: Literatur-Archiv-NRW
  • Literature weblog: HausBlog Nottbeck

Museum of Westphalian Literature

The Literature Commission oversees the program of events at the Museum of Westphalian Literature , which it initiated and opened in 2001 and which is part of the Haus Nottbeck cultural property in Oelde . In addition to a permanent exhibition on Westphalian literary history, the museum offers a varied program of events, ranging from readings and workshops to comedy , poetry slams and musical events. The regular special exhibitions set standards for a modern, multimedia presentation. In 2012 the museum was awarded the Hartmut Vogel Prize from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Literarischer Gesellschaft (Working Group on Literary Societies).

Droste research center

Since 1999, the special research area “Droste Research” has been one of the fields of activity of the literature commission. To this end, the commission adopted the former Annette von Droste Hülshoff research center, the workstation for the historically critical Droste edition, and thus secured its continued existence. In return, the Annette von Droste Society. make available to the commission the materials of the workplace, the extensive Droste special library and the manuscript archive as permanent loan. On the “Droste-Portal” homepage. the continuous bibliographic reporting is documented; In addition, extensive information as well as international research and media activities relating to the Westphalian poet are bundled here and current events are announced.

Westphalian literature archive

The Westphalian Literature Archive, established in 2001 in the LWL Archive Office for Westphalia (WLA), sees itself as a collection and research center for literary legacies and bequests as well as materials from Westphalian writers. The aim of archiving is to make the content accessible to researchers and interested laypeople in the long term. The holdings taken over include a. the estates of Ernst Meister , Peter Hille and Werner Warsinsky .

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