Historical commission for Westphalia

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Historical commission for Westphalia
purpose Research into Westphalian history
Chair: Mechthild Black-Veldtrup
Establishment date: 1896
Number of members: over 150
Seat : Freiherr-vom-Stein-Platz 1
48147 Münster
Website: Official website

The Historical Commission for Westphalia is a scientific body of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL).

Alongside the literature commission for Westphalia , the antiquity commission for Westphalia , the geographical commission for Westphalia , the commission for dialect and name research in Westphalia and the commission for everyday culture research for Westphalia, it is one of six scientific commissions for regional studies of the LWL.


The commission was founded in 1896 by the Association for the History and Archeology of Westphalia . She took over the continuation of the scientific work, including the publication of the Westphalian document book . In 1914, the commission was registered as an association and legally independent. In 1921 she joined the Provincial Association of the Province of Westphalia due to financial necessities , from which the Regional Association Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) emerged in the post-war period .

As a regional history commission, the historical commission deals with research into Westphalian history , organizes conferences and workshops and promotes the publication of sources and writings.

It is a voluntary body with over 150 full and corresponding members. Its ranks include archivists as well as institutionally affiliated researchers and university lecturers from various historical subjects. The various projects of the Historical Commission are initiated and driven forward by the members with their specialist knowledge and supported and supervised by a small full-time office based in Münster.

Important projects of the historical commission were and still are B. the Westphalian document book , the Westphalian life pictures or the edition of the diaries of Ludwig Baron Vincke .

In cooperation with the Institute for Comparative Urban History , the Historical Commission publishes the Historical Handbook of the Jewish Communities in Westphalia and Lippe and the Westphalian City Atlas or, in its continuation, the Historical Atlas of Westphalian Cities .

Chair of the Commission

First chairman since the founding of the commission.


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  • Johannes Bauermann: The historical commission for Westphalia 1896-1945. A review (= materials of the Historical Commission for Westphalia. Volume 7). Münster 2014 ( PDF version ).

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