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Walter Gödden (born January 13, 1955 in Beckum ) is a German literary scholar . He is honorary professor at the University of Paderborn , managing director of the literature commission for Westphalia and scientific director of the Museum for Westphalian Literature Haus Nottbeck .


Gödden grew up in Ahlen , where he still lives today. He studied German, history, pedagogy and journalism at the University of Münster and graduated in 1978 with the state examination for teaching posts. He then worked as a research assistant at the Droste Research Center in Münster as editor of the historically critical Droste edition, which was funded by the DFG . In 1984 the doctorate to Dr. phil. with a thesis on Annette von Droste-Hülshoff . In 1989 Gödden became the head of the "Literature Department" at the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association (LWL) in Münster, from which the literature commission for Westphalia emerged in 1998 , of which he is still managing director. In 2001 he became scientific director of the Museum for Westphalian Literature Haus Nottbeck in Oelde - Stromberg, which he initiated . Gödden was also a co-founder and is still the deputy director of the Westphalian Literature Archive in Münster.

In the working group of literary societies in Westphalia , Gödden is managing director and also chairman of the Nyland Foundation in Cologne. For several years he was the second chairman of the LiteraturRats NRW . He is a member of the PEN and has been the responsible literary editor of the cultural magazine Westfalenspiegel since 1990 . Gödden is u. a. Editor of the Westphalian Author's Lexicon and the book series Literatur in Westfalen. Contributions to research .


  • 2014: Literaturtaler NRW for special services to promoting literature in NRW
  • 2013: The Westphalian Literature Museum was named Literature Museum of the Year
  • Honorary award from the Peter Paul Althaus Circle of Friends
  • Award of the Westphalian Literature Museum with the "Culture Star of the Year" from the Neue Westfälische newspaper

Monographs (selection)

  • The other Annette . Annette von Droste-Hülshoff as a letter writer. 2nd Edition. Schöningh, Paderborn 1992, ISBN 3-506-73195-5 .
  • The enthusiast . The lost life story of the Westphalian Sturm und Drang poet Anton Mathias Sprickmann . Schöningh, Paderborn u. a. 1994, ISBN 3-506-73196-3 .
  • Longing for the distance . Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's travels through the Biedermeier period. Droste, Düsseldorf 1996, ISBN 3-7700-1071-X .
  • with Iris Nölle-Hornkamp: "Kissed awake by muses." When Westphalia learned to read. Paderborn 1990.
  • Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's travels through the Biedermeier period. 1996.
  • Day after day in the life of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff . 2nd Edition. 1996.
  • with Jochen Grywatsch : "If you could stop lying." The writer Paul Schallück (1922–1976). 2002
  • Querbeet.Literary explorations in Westphalia. 5 volumes, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2017.
  • with Moritz Baßler, Jochen Grywatsch, Christina Riesenweber: Stadt.Land.Pop. Pop music between the Westphalian provinces and the Hamburg school. 2008.
  • Gustav Sack - a lost student. Entfant terrible and Mythos der Moderne, 2010 (with Steffen Stadthaus).
  • "Funny, crazy, weird, fantastic ..." Cabaret heroes from Westphalia. 2009.
  • with Thomas Strauch: I write because ... 36 Westphalian authors in an interview. 2011.
  • Bibliophile, committed, unique. Big literature in small publishers. 2015.
  • Chronicle of Westphalian Literature 1945–1975. 2016.
  • with Jochen Grywatsch, Thomas Strauch: Strange Animals. The literary and artistic work of Jürgen Schimanek. 2017.
  • 1968 - Pop, protest and provocation in 68 key points. 2017.
  • My 1968. Old memories, new texts. 2018
  • Aliens Welcome! Science fiction literature from Westphalia 1904–2018. 2019.

Editorships and editions

  • Historically critical Droste edition. Volume VIII (letters 1805-1838, text), 1987; Volume IX (letters 1839–1842, text, with Ilse-Marie Barth), 1993, Volume VIII, 2 (letters 1805–1838, documentation), 1990.
  • Peter Paul Althaus : Views from the dream city . Peter-Paul-Althaus memory book on the occasion of the Althaus series of events in the Westphalian State Museum for Art and Cultural History Münster from November 23 to December 13, 1992, edited by Walter Gödden (=  ArdeyLiteratur . Volume 1 ). Ardey, Münster 1992, ISBN 3-87023-032-0 .
  • Poet sisters. Prose by contemporary authors about Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. 1993. 2nd edition 1996.
  • with Iris Nölle-Hornkamp: Westphalian Author Lexicon. 4 volumes. 1993-2002.
  • with I.-M. Barth, W. Woesler: Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. All letters. dtv, Munich 1996.
  • with Jochen Grywatsch (Ed.): "Me, pen, ink and paper." A look into the writing workshop of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. Catalog for the traveling exhibition of the same name by the Westphalian Museum Office. Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe, Münster. Schöningh, Paderborn 1997, ISBN 3-506-73198-X .
  • with Reinhard Kiefer (ed.): Utopische Dichter . The Schmallenberg poet dispute 1956, Ernst Meister and the consequences; Analyzes and documents (=  books of the Nyland Foundation, Cologne: series documents . Volume 1 ). Ardey-Verlag, Münster 2000, ISBN 3-87023-150-5 .
  • Peter Paul Althaus: Reader . Zsgest. and with an afterword by Walter Gödden. Nyland Foundation, Cologne 2002, ISBN 3-936235-00-7 .
  • Walter Gödden u. a. (Ed.): "He was a light in Westphalia" Johann Moritz Schwager (1738–1804). A Westphalian enlightener (=  publications of the literature commission for Westphalia . Volume 55 ). Aisthesis-Verlag, Bielefeld 2013, ISBN 978-3-8498-1007-8 .


Selected works

Individual publications

  • Josef Winckler . Exchange of letters, 1994.
  • Westfälische Dichterstraßen Vol. 1–3, 1996–2003.
  • with D. Breuer, R. Kiefer: Osiris. Zeitschrift für Literatur 3/4, 1997 (special volume on Erich Jansen).
  • The desire to say “no”. Westphalian and Flemish children's and youth literature, Bruges 1997.
  • with Jochen Grywatsch : Paul Schallück . Wait a moment. Glosses and thoughts at the time. Cologne 2003.
  • with Jutta Desel: Katharina Busch-Schücking: Works and Letters, 2005.
  • with Michael Kienecker: Prophet and Princess. Peter Hille and Else Lasker-Schüler, 2006.
  • Blazing heart. Entertainment literature from Westphalia, 2007.
  • Peter Hille. Works during his lifetime, 2007.
  • with Nils Rottschäfer: Peter Hille: All letters. Annotated edition, 2010.
  • with Steffen Stadthaus: Gustav Sack: Gesammelte Werke. 2011.
  • Westphalian literature in the “Third Reich”. The magazine Heimat und Reich, 2012.
  • with Peter Heßelmann, Frank Stückemann: Johann Moritz Schwager : Complete novels and a travelogue 2013.
  • with Fiona Dummann, Kerstin Mertenskötter: Erich Grisar: Selected works. 2014.
  • Erich Grisar. Childhood in the Coal Pot, 2016.

Audio productions

Editions and adaptations

Series of audio testimonies on Westphalian literature

  • with Georg Bühren: The Schmallenberger Dichterstreit 1956. The original speeches and discussions, 2000.
  • with Reinhard Kiefer: Eleusis is far away. Ernst Meister reads his own poems, 2001.
  • I believe in that. A portrait of Paul Schallück, 2002.
  • “Seriously, that's how it was!” Elisabeth Hauptmann - writer, collaborator and lover of Brecht. An original sound feature, 2004.
  • "Better to be clumsy than sly". An audio portrait of Hans Dieter Schwarzes about the poet poet Peter Hille, 2005.
  • with Nadine Hoof: experiment and agitation. An introduction to the Reinhard Döhls broadcasting company, 2006.
  • with Wolfgang Delseit: "I freed myself through laughter ..." Josef Winkler (1881–1966), 2007.
  • with Hanneliese Palm: Bruno Gluchowski: The breakthrough. A radio play classic from 1954, 2011.
  • Heinrich Schirmbeck: "How I see myself." Heinrich Schirmbeck reads autobiographies and the story "Elena". 2017

Live series on the cultural property

  • Peter Rühmkorf . Jazz and Poetry, 2005.
  • Helmut Krauss reads Georg Weerth, 2005.
  • Homage to Reinhard Döhl (1934–2004), 2005.
  • Thomas Valentin . Mount Etna snow. Jazz and Literature, 2007.
  • Ernst Meister: Under black sheep's clothing. Jazz and Poetry, 2007.
  • Otto Jägersberg : Weihrauch and Pumpernickel, 2007.
  • Wiglaf Droste and the money box trio. Voilá, a flourish! For Wilhelm Busch. Jazz and Literature, 2008.
  • August Stramm . Jazz and Poetry, 2008.
  • Martin Becker : Literature and Music, 2009.
  • Rosemarie Fendel: Peter Paul Althaus - a dream city evening. Literature and Music, 2010.
  • Claude-Oliver Rudolph reads Gustav Sack, 2011.
  • Hanneliese Taschau reads from "Landfriede." 2011.
  • “He was a star, he pushed away meteor!” A reading from Else Lasker's student Peter Hille book. 2012.
  • Dominique Horwitz reads Johann Moritz Schwager. 2014.
  • Dietmar Bär reads August Stramm. Paul Zech . Richard Huelsenbeck . Gustav Sack. 2014.
  • Heinrich Schürmann: >> ICK <<. Jazz and Poetry Low German. 2015.

Series listening edition nyland

  • Jazz & lyric, experimental. With productions by Peter Paul Althaus, Erwin Grosche, Michael Klaus, Siegfried Kessemeier, August Stramm, Georg Bühren, Michael Klaus, Thomas Kling, Imo Moszkowicz.
  • "It's a suicidal business". Arno Schmidt and Hans Wollschläger. 2017 (3rd edition)

Own radio plays

  • Night walks. Radio play about Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. WDR 1994; as audio cassette, Munich: HörVerlag 1997; 2nd edition 1998.
  • Westpfählische Poeterey, WDR 1995.
  • "Levin dear boy". Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and Levin Schücking. An audio series in letters, 2000.
  • “You could call him a drunken Shakespeare.” Christian Dietrich Grabbe. A tragedy in letters, 2002.
  • “Crazy and not a little vain.” Gustav Sack - radio play and selected poetry, 2004.
  • Peter Hille - a big rascal walks through the heavens, 2004.
  • About finding and being found. Peter Hille and Else Lasker-Schüler, 2006.

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