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Karl Riha (born June 3, 1935 in Krummau an der Moldau , Czechoslovakia ) is a German writer and literary scholar .


During and after his studies at the University of Frankfurt am Main , Karl Riha was the features editor of the Frankfurt student magazine Diskus from 1962 to 1967 . From 1965 he worked as a research assistant at the University of Frankfurt and from 1969 at the Technical University of Berlin . He received his doctorate in 1969 on the metropolitan theme in German literature. In 1972 he completed his habilitation and in 1975 became Professor of German Philology / General Literature at the University of Siegen .

From 1988 to 1991 Karl Riha was director of the Berlin Literary Colloquium . He is the editor of the PA-RA-BÜ series of publications in the Patio gallery and publishing house . At the University of Siegen, Riha worked as a co-editor of the edition series MUK ( mass media and communication ) and, with Franz J. Weber and Marcel Beyer , the forgotten authors of modernity , the series experimental texts and the journal Diagonal . The edition Randfiguren der Moderne , edited by him with Franz J. Weber, has been published by Postskriptum Verlag, Hanover , since 1988 .

In 1996 Riha received the Kassel Literature Prize for grotesque humor .

Karl Riha wrote numerous scientific publications, a. a. on the topics ballad , song , cantastoria , dell'arte Commedia , Dadaism , comics , cartoons and caricatures and media history (radio, film, press, television). In his literary publications he occasionally used the pseudonyms Hans Wald, Agno Stowitsch and Charlie Hair.



Literary works

  • Not all fish are birds . Poems and Prose (1981).
  • At this moment . Poems, Pictures and Prose (1984).
  • So graceful, so rigid, so form, so strict . Sonnets (1988).
  • GOMRINGER or the application of the constellation to its inventor (1989).
  • Kitty in the Killer Trap and Other Prose , Edition Literarischer Salon, Giessen (1990)
  • What's wrong with me today (1994).
  • Me in one piece and another prose (1999).

Scientific publications (selection)

  • Premodern - Modern - Postmodern. Suhrkamp, ​​Frankfurt am Main 1994.
  • Dada Berlin. Reclam, Stuttgart 1994.
  • Commedia dell'arte. With the figurines of Maurice Sands . Insel, Frankfurt am Main 1980, ISBN 3-458-19007-4 .
  • Moritat , bench song , protest ballad . On the history of the committed song in Germany. Athenäum-Fischer-Taschenbuchverlag, Frankfurt am Main 1975, ISBN 3-8072-2100-X and 2nd, extended edition, Atheneum, Königstein am Taunus 1979, ISBN 3-7610-2100-3 .
  • Cross-reading and cross-talking. Quote collages as a poetic and satirical technique and a. with Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. Metzler, Stuttgart 1971.
  • Zok roarr boom. On the history of comics literature. Anabas Verlag Günter Kämpf, Steinbach 1970, DNB 457945192 .
  • Travel in the sea of ​​air . A reader on the history of the balloon flight from 1783 (and earlier) to the present / with the collaboration of Ursula Tesch and Dieter H. Stündel edited by Karl Riha. Hanser, Munich / Vienna 1983, ISBN 3-446-13682-7 .
  • Epilogue. In: Lesage: The Limping Devil. Editing of the translation (from the middle of the 19th century) by G. Fink by Meinhard Hasenbein. With illustrations by Tony Johannot (from the French edition of 1840, which appeared at the same time as Fink's translation). Insel, Frankfurt am Main 1978 (= Insel Taschenbuch. Volume 337). ISBN 3-458-32037-7 , pp. 363-378.


  • The description of the “big city”: The emergence of the big city motif in German literature (approx. 1750 - approx. 1850) . Frankfurt am Main 1969, DNB 482056894 (Dissertation University of Frankfurt am Main, Philosophical Faculty, June 18, 1969, 182 pages); Book trade edition as Frankfurt Contributions to German Studies , Volume 11, Gehlen, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe / Berlin / Zurich 1970, DNB 457945176 .

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  2. The first volume was a reprint of a pre-war volume about the Café des Westens (1913/14), other volumes were about Hans Leybold, Walter Mehring , John Höxter , Emmy Ball-Hennings , Christof Spengemann, Werner Schreib or Gustaf Gründgens .
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