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Reinhard Döhl (born September 16, 1934 in Wattenscheid / Ruhr area, † May 29, 2004 in Stuttgart ; pseudonym: Traugott Schneider ) was a German literary and media scholar. He was also active as a writer and artist.


After studying German, philosophy, history and political science in Göttingen and Stuttgart, he received his doctorate in 1965 with a thesis on the literary work of Hans Arps . Reinhard Döhl received the Prix ​​Strasbourg in 1967 . He received his habilitation in 1979 with a thesis on modern German literature with special attention to the media . In 1987 he was offered the Fellowship of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science and in 1990 he received a scholarship from the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris . Reinhard Döhl was made an honorary member of the Accademia Tedesca in Rome in 1992. He also held visiting professorships at Karl-Franzens University ( Graz ), Kansai University in Osaka and Hebrew University in Jerusalem .

Reinhard Döhl was a media scientist and university professor for German studies in Stuttgart, where he was a specialist in radio play and radio play authors. He was a researcher of total works of art and a specialist in Dada art, especially with regard to Hans Arp and Kurt Schwitters . He has also made a name for himself as a writer and poet.

Reinhard Döhl belonged to Max Bense's group / school in Stuttgart . He worked as a visual artist in the field of concrete poetry and collage , as well as a mail artist . In the 1960s and then again in the 1980s he worked intensively with the painter Günther C. Kirchberger . Kirchberger also introduced him to the screen printer and gallery owner Roland Geiger . In the 1980s, Döhl was a regular speaker and author in exhibition catalogs at Galerie Geiger.

Last but not least, Reinhard Döhl was the only long-standing author who had been intensely involved in the new, "dialogical" medium of the Internet since 1996 . The attribution by Gerd Hergen Lübben, entitled WENN IM HERBSCHT ↔ SKÅL UND SALUT , refers to his last e-mail correspondence with Reinhard Döhl regarding authors on the net .

He worked frequently and intensively with Johannes Auer on his experimental internet literature and art projects.


Reinhard Döhl already had an influence on German legal history as a student in Göttingen. Until 1961, the standard for judging whether a work was lewd or not was the moral feeling of the average citizen. It was enough for ordinary people to express their indignation about a work on the witness stand. In October 1960, a court sentenced him for publishing a polemical poetic collage entitled Missa profana , which pointed to the discrepancy between Holy Mass and political reality. The verdict contained the following sentence: The criminality of a publication cannot be excused by the fact that it is a work of art. In the summer of 1961, the Federal Court of Justice overturned this judgment and found that not every citizen could decide on the immorality of a representation. The judge could do this and if necessary he would have to have the work explained to him by someone who was artistically open-minded or at least tried to understand . As a result, publishers and authors were exposed to a considerably lower risk of criminal prosecution, and the risk that works that were perceived as obscene, were confiscated or were no longer allowed to be displayed in bookstores, was significantly lower.


Scientific publications

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Literary works

Reinhard Döhl's apple (1965) is considered an incunable of concrete visual poetry today
  • Co-founder of the “Werkgruppe für dichtung”, who also included Sibylle Penkert , Brigitte Rehberg, Brigitte Burbach (corresponding since 1960), Hartwig Heine (pseud. Hartwig Kerst), Manfred Schröder (pseud. Peter Jason), Hans-Heinrich Lieb, Wulf Segebrecht and Belong to Özdemir Nutku . The organ of the group, the protocols of the work group for poetry , appear irregularly with changing editors in 1959/1960.
  • 11 texts. Stuttgart: red 2, 1960
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    [ The book Es Anna , inspired by Gertrude Stein's “Three Lives”, together with Das Buch Gertrud and the fragmentary Das Buch Heidi form an incomplete trilogy. The book Gertrud is published in part on the Internet, s. u. Internet texts and projects]
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    [ how to say so / how to read so are partial publications of the project how to say so / how to read so / how to hear this way , which could not be completed in the 1960s. Acoustic partial realizations of this project, see u. Pieces and games]
  • Gillray was here. A story in pictures. An edition of the apple press. Stuttgart: Cantz 1987.
  • stuttgarten experience or scattered insights into the culture of the natives. Portfolio with 26 collages imprimés. With a foreword by Dieter Kölmel. Printed by Manfred Kärcher in an edition numbered from a to z in 1987
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Individual evidence

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