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Dieter Eduard Zimmer (born November 24, 1934 in Berlin-Pankow ; † June 19, 2020 in Berlin) was a German journalist , author and translator .


After graduating from high school, Zimmer studied literature and linguistics as well as English in Berlin and later in Geneva and the USA . From 1959 he lived in Hamburg , where he was editor of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit for a long time , and from 1973 to 1977 her column editor . From 2000 Zimmer worked as a freelance writer, literary critic , translator and publicist in Berlin. He has published books and magazine articles on questions of psychology , biology , anthropology , medicine , linguistics , communication science and librarianship . From 1989 Zimmer was editor of the German complete edition of Vladimir Nabokov's writings. Marcel Reich-Ranicki wrote about Zimmer's importance as Nabokov's translator :

“What he has achieved in this regard as a translator, editor and bibliographer is so enormous and so exceptional that it may seem presumptuous to consider his work with the usual laudatory sentences. Just this much: we owe him more than most German poets and novelists of our day. Why do we actually have the many literary prizes that are so gladly awarded to those who have already been awarded ten times? "

As a translator, Zimmer has translated works by Nabokov, James Joyce , Edward Gorey , Nathanael West , Ambrose Bierce and Jorge Luis Borges into German.

In books and essays from the early 1970s he dealt with intelligence research and above all with the question of whether intelligence is hereditary. He took the nativistic point of view that the intelligence quotient is hereditary to a high degree. Rooms also wrote about Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis , focused on the cages of chickens and published books of language change such as idioms , Thus man comes up and the word magnifying glass .

In a laudation on his 80th birthday, Josef Joffe praised Zimmer's intellectual “incorruptibility”, his “concise and clear language”, with which he succeeded in making even complex issues understandable, and his extensive knowledge of why he was called a “ Renaissance person” “Could call.

Dieter E. Zimmer died in Berlin in June 2020 at the age of 85.

honors and awards


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