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Heinrich Stromer

Heinrich Stromer (* around 1476 in Auerbach in the Upper Palatinate ; † November 25, 1542 ) was a Leipzig university professor, university rector, doctor and founder of Auerbach's cellar .


Heinrich Stromer was born in Auerbach in 1476/1482 as the son of Johannes Stromer. The family has been there since the middle of the 14th century and is related to the very wealthy families of the Upper Palatinate and the Nuremberg patriciate .

Stromer studied at the University of Leipzig from 1497 , where he obtained his master's degree in 1501, became professor of philosophy and in 1508 rector of the university. In 1511 he obtained a doctorate in medicine, in 1516 became professor of pathology , and in 1523 dean of the medical faculty . After his place of origin he became Dr. Called Auerbach .

On January 24, 1519 Heinrich Stromer married Anna Hummelshain (* 1492), the daughter of Hans Hummelshain, one of the richest citizens of Leipzig, councilor and merchant. In the same year Stromer bought a piece of land from his father-in-law's heirs for 3,500 guilders , on which he built Auerbach's farm from 1530 to 1538 . In the cellar today is one of the most traditional restaurants in Germany, Auerbach's Cellar, famous for the scene Auerbach's Cellar in Leipzig in Goethe's Faust .


In 1504 he wrote an arithmetic book Algorithm linealis , in which he presented the beginnings of arithmetic and which he dedicated to his future brother-in-law, Andreas Hummelshain.

Stromer was the personal physician of numerous princes, including his sovereign George the Bearded (1471–1539) and the Hohenzollern brothers Joachim I (Brandenburg) (1484–1535), Elector of Brandenburg, and Albrecht II. (1490–1545), Cardinal, Elector and Archbishop of Mainz. He wrote a number of medical writings, including an often printed one on the plague . Stromer was councilor of the city of Leipzig since 1520 . In 1524, as dean of the medical faculty, he introduced the subject of anatomy to the Leipzig university.

In 1518 Stromer took part in the Reichstag in Augsburg together with the humanist Ulrich von Hutten, whom he already knew from his time in Leipzig . Heinrich Stromer played an important role in Leipzig during the Reformation . He was in correspondence with Martin Luther , Philipp Melanchthon , Ulrich von Hutten , Petrus Mosellanus and Erasmus von Rotterdam . But he also kept in contact with Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim , known as Paracelsus. Then in the summer of 1519 he was a listener at the Leipzig disputation . A disputation between Martin Luther and Johannes Eck (June 27 to July 15, 1519). In 1539 he offered Luther quarters in Leipzig.


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