International dictionary of Germanists 1800–1950

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The Internationale Germanistenlexikon 1800–1950 , or Germanistenlexikon for short , is a three-volume reference work that was published in 2003 by Verlag de Gruyter . The lexicon was developed in the Marbach office for research into the history of German studies . Its director at the time, Christoph König , acts as the editor of the volumes.

The International Dictionary of Germanists contains articles on 1,514 people from 44 countries. The lexicon begins “with the institutionalization of the subject in Germany around 1800”, and it takes into account Germanists who “published their first book by 1950”. The respective articles provide information on life, career, publications, literature (about the respective person) as well as the archives in which materials about the respective person are available.

The lexicon was created between 1995 and 2002 and was funded by the German Research Foundation. The printed volumes are supplemented by a CD-ROM on which further articles and additional information can be found.

Individual evidence

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