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Isaac Master (Giotto?): Isaak rejects Esau , Basilica Superiore di San Francesco, Assisi
Isaac Master (Giotto?): Isaac blesses Jacob (detail: Jacob), Basilica Superiore di San Francesco, Assisi

In the history of art, the painter of frescoes in the upper church of San Francesco in Assisi, who cannot be clearly identified , is referred to as Isaac Master ( Italian Maestro d'Isacco) . The pictures, created around 1290, show scenes of the death of Isaac from the Book of Genesis of the Old Testament on the north wall . The master's work is often considered to be an early work by Giotto .

Attempts at identification

  • Giotto

The identification of the Isaac Master with the young Giotto is a frequently discussed hypothesis of Giotto research. The pictures are very close to his innovative style and spatial perspective, and they should be given a special position in the overall program of the frescoes of the Francis cycle in Assisi. The “revolutionary” frescoes by the master make the hypothesis plausible, as they indicate a new direction towards the art of the Italian Renaissance in their late Byzantine painting style, which is based on antiquity, and by addressing the viewer directly by placing the objects in the room.

  • Arnolfo di Cambio

It was hypothesized that the Isaac Master was the Italian painter Arnolfo di Cambio . However, this assumption remains controversial.

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