Iulia (daughter of Agrippa)

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Iulia (actually Vipsania Julia Agrippina ; called Iulia minor to distinguish it from her mother ) (* 19/18 BC; † 28 AD) was a daughter of Agrippa and Iulias , the daughter of the Roman emperor Augustus .

Iulia and her sister Agrippina grew up with their step-grandmother Livia Drusilla . In the year 4 BC She was married to her cousin Lucius Aemilius Paullus (Augustus' first wife Scribonia was their grandmother). With him she had a daughter, Aemilia Lepida , who was betrothed to the future emperor Claudius .

In the year 8 AD Julia was banished - like her mother and brother Agrippa Postumus before her - allegedly because of her lifestyle. According to Tacitus , she had an affair with Decimus Silanus, the brother of Marcus Junius Silanus . Occasionally it is suggested that the poet Ovid , who was also banished in the same year, was involved in the affair. The daughter's engagement to Claudius was dissolved. Modern historians suggest that Julia's exile was more likely due to her involvement in her husband's conspiracy against Augustus. According to Augustus' prohibition, a child she bore in exile could not be recognized or raised. Julia died in her exile on the Tremiti Islands . Their daughter married Marcus Iunius Silanus Torquatus , a relative of Decimus Iunius Silanus. All of her descendants were murdered by Agrippina the Younger .

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