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The JI was a Japanese launcher . There was only one test flight.

This was the first rocket jointly developed by ISAS and NASDA . A solid booster from the H-II rocket was used as the first stage , the second and third came from the M-3SII . Two test flights with two or three stages and at least one operational start were planned. However, there was only one test launch on February 11, 1996 with two stages, with the rocket reaching an apogee of 110 km.

After that, NASDA withdrew support from the project, as the cost of developing the rocket turned out to be significantly more expensive than comparable projects in other countries. The JI should from the payload the forth Mu-V supplement, but the starting price of 52 million US dollars for just 1000 kg were to be disproportionate because comparable American launch vehicles like the Taurus or Athena only 12 to 16 million US dollars cost.

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