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Java OpenGL

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Basic data

Maintainer JogAmp Community
Current  version 2.3.2
(October 10, 2015)
Current preliminary version 2.3.2
(October 10, 2015)
operating system platform independent
programming language Java
category OpenGL Framework
License BSD license

Java Bindings for OpenGL ( JOGL ) is an open source project created in 2003 through a collaboration between Sun Microsystems and SGI . It was originally started by Kenneth Russell and Chris Kline. The aim of JOGL was to make the game industry fall back on the Java programming language for game development, as there was no support for OpenGL before . OpenGL represents a standard for the implementation of 2D and 3D applications. With the help of JOGL, Java programmers can now access all functions of OpenGL and OpenGL ES , as well as their extensions. When JOGL was created, an attempt was made to combine the advantages of the previous OpenGL bindings gl4java , LWJGL and Magician . The use of JOGL requires the installation of the Java Development Kit (JDK). It can be assumed that JOGL will be integrated into one of the later Java versions as standard. The further development is carried out by the Game Technology Group of Sun Microsystems .

JOGL is used as an OpenGL renderer in the Java Quake engine Jake2 from bytonic Software . JOGL is the reference implementation for Java Specification Request 231 (Java Bindings for OpenGL).


JOGL provides special Java wrapper classes for accessing the native functions of OpenGL . The methods offered usually simply execute corresponding native C code .

Jogl supports the following platforms:

J2SE 1.4 or higher is required on all platforms .

Alternatives and further information

In addition to JOGL, there are two other well-known OpenGL bindings for Java:

Programming interfaces based on JOGL:

  • Xith3D - a scene graph API based on JOGL and LWJGL.
  • jMonkeyEngine - a scene graph API based on JOGL and LWJGL.
  • Ardor3D - also a scene graph API that emerged from jMonkeyEngine 2.0.

Software based on JOGL:

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