Yearbook for the history of Central and Eastern Germany

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Yearbook for the history of Central and Eastern Germany

description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise National history
language German
publishing company De Gruyter ( Germany )
First edition 1952
Frequency of publication yearly
editor Klaus Neitmann
Wolfgang Neugebauer
Uwe Schaper
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The Yearbook for the History of Central and Eastern Germany ( JbGMOD or JbGMO for short ) is an annual German-language specialist journal that publishes articles on the history of historical Central Germany and the former Prussian provinces east of the Oder-Neisse line .

The periodical was founded in 1952 and is published on behalf of the Historical Commission in Berlin . Due to financial difficulties, the publication with volume 44 (1996) had to be stopped for the time being before it could be resumed from 1999; the tape count was retained. Since then the JbGMOD has been published with the subtitle Journal for Comparative and Prussian Regional History .

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