Janus Friis

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Janus Friis (born June 26, 1976 in Denmark ) is a Danish entrepreneur. He is currently the director of strategy and innovation at Skype, responsible for product development and business strategy.

Together with his partner Niklas Zennström , he founded several companies and related software:

  • Altnet , the world's first secure P2P network serving commercial content. It covers the entire value chain from promotion, distribution and payment of digital content. At that time, Altnet was the largest issuer of digital licenses.
  • Kazaa , a file sharing software based on the FastTrack protocol developed by Friis .
  • Joltid , a company that provides peer-to-peer solutions and technology to optimize network traffic.
  • Skype (2003), sold on eBay for $ 2.6 billion in 2006 .
  • Rdio (2010), an ad-free music subscription and audio-on-demand service. Bankruptcy 2015.
  • Wire Swiss (2012), developer of the Wire messenger

Friis discovered his entrepreneurial streak when he worked with Zennström at Tele2 . There they worked together to found get2net (another Danish internet provider) and to launch the everyday.com portal.

Janus dropped out of middle school and started his career in user support at CyberCity, one of Denmark's first internet providers.

Friis was named Time Magazine 's 100 Most Influential People in 2006.