Japan Spitz

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Japan Spitz
Japan Spitz
FCI Standard No. 262
  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive dogs
  • Section 5: Asian lace and related races
Origin :


Alternative names:

日本 ス ピ ッ ツ Nihon Supittsu (Japanese Spitz), Japanese Spitz

Withers height:

Males: 30–38 cm,
females somewhat smaller


not fixed

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The Japanese Spitz ( Japanese 日本 ス ピ ッ ツ , Nihon Supittsu ) is a Japanese breed of dog recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 5, Section 5, Standard No. 262 ).

Origin and history

The Japanese spitz is probably based on the white lace , which in earlier times was very common throughout Europe and was also very popular with the nobility. It can be assumed that the Spitz found its way to Japan via travelers, as it did with America and the dogs there now called American Eskimo Dogs . This is confirmed by the fact that the Japanese Spitz can hardly be distinguished from the German Middle Spitz.

However, while in Europe the tip was bred to size for a long time, in Japan the original shape was retained throughout. In 1913 the Japanese Spitz was recognized as a separate breed in Japan. It was widespread in Japan around 1950, but is now losing its importance there, whereas it is becoming more and more popular in Europe and North America.


This small Spitz-type dog grows to 30 to 38 cm tall, its fur is white, long, dense, straight and protruding, its small triangular erect ears are also typically pointed.

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