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Job enrichment (enrichment work) is in human resources , a strategy of work structuring in unipersonellen field of work .

The previous activity of an employee will be expanded to include the scope of work at a higher level of requirements (see requirements identification ). This is made possible through (required) further training or qualification of the employee. The employee is enabled to work independently to a greater extent. One speaks therefore of a measure of vertical restructuring, as opposed to horizontal restructuring ( Jobenlargement ).

A general example of job enrichment in the field of activity with more responsibility is the supervision of an overall project including budget responsibility instead of project organization.

Job enrichment can make an employee's job more interesting and responsible. In connection with Herzberg's two-factor theory and Maslow's hierarchy of needs , it can be assumed that job satisfaction increases through job enrichment, as the need for autonomy and self-fulfillment is more strongly satisfied.

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