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John Moore (2008)

John Moore (* 1970 in Dundalk , Ireland ) is an Irish director and screenwriter .


After attending a technical college in Dublin , he began making short films and commercials. In 1995 he founded the independent production company Clingfilms with Damien O'Donnell , which only brought out two films. In 2001 he shot the war drama Im Fadhreuz - Alone Against All for US $ 40 million . While filming he was almost killed by a tank breaking through a wall. This was followed by the remakes The Flight of the Phoenix (2004) and The Omen (2006). He then worked on Max Payne , the cinema version of the computer game of the same name , which was released worldwide in October 2008. This was followed by Die Hard - A Good Day to Die (2013) and Hacked: No Life Is Safe (2016).

His outbursts of anger on set when there are unforeseen delays in shooting are almost legendary.


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