The Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

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German title The flight of the phoenix
Original title Flight of the Phoenix
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2004
length 108 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director John Moore
script Scott Frank
Edward Burns
production William Aldrich
Alex Blum
John Davis
Wyck Godfrey
music Marco Beltrami
camera Brendan Galvin
cut Don Zimmerman

Flight of the Phoenix ( Flight of the Phoenix is) an American adventure film by John Moore from 2004. He is a remake of the adventure film The Flight of the Phoenix in 1965. As of this it is based on the eponymous novel by Elleston Trevor .


The employees of an oil company return home by plane after their site has been closed. Despite warnings from his co-pilot AJ and passenger Elliott about the unexpectedly strong sandstorm, the Fairchild C-119 pilot , Frank Towns, continues to fly, causing them to crash in the Gobi Desert . Three passengers die. Another gets lost in the night when he leaves the camp of the survivors, which consists of the wreckage of the machine, and dies in the new sandstorm.

Towns, through his personality and position as captain the natural leader of the survivors, initially relies only on the vague hope of being rescued by an oil company search team in the time that is limited by the supply of water and food. So he is initially opposed to Elliott's proposal (by his own account a professional aircraft designer) to build a new aircraft from the remains of the Fairchild. This would increase water consumption and reduce the chance of rescue. Ultimately, he is convinced that it makes more sense to actively work on a rescue through aircraft construction than to wait idly for help. The aircraft is built and named Phoenix .

In the meantime, the victims of the accident lose another man in a confrontation with smugglers or locals who have already looted the body of one of the two victims of the crash further away and harassed them with firearms. The hardest part is working with Elliott, who demands the unconditional submission of the others, including Captain Towns, in order to continue working on the plane. Elliott is almost killed when it turns out that he has only designed model airplanes so far.

Ultimately, however, the Phoenix is ​​airworthy and can take off just in time for a massive attack by mounted locals. In a sequence of images, the viewer learns which path the survivors took after being rescued.


The film was shot in Namibia . Its production amounted to an estimated 45 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately $ 21 million in US cinemas.

Reviews wrote of an "action-packed new edition". The soundtrack is also praised because the viewer “is greeted with cool country sounds by Johnny Cash ” and guided through the following 113 minutes with selected music. The conclusion is: “For an entertaining evening at the cinema with friends, 'The Flight of the Phoenix' is brilliantly suitable and makes good use of the possibilities of adventure films”.

James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) was not a great movie, but it was much more worth seeing than its remake. The remake replaces tension with boredom and funny dialogues with lame lines of dialogue, which every self-respecting actor should be embarrassed to say.

Lexicon of the international film : "Superfluous remake [...], which comes up with good craftsmanship, but gives most of the survivors too little individual profile to keep sympathy in the long run."


Bob Brown was nominated for the Taurus Award in 2005 for the stunts . Brendan Galvin was nominated for the 2005 Irish Film and Television Award for cinematography .


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