Johnny Saxton

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Johnny Saxton boxer
Birth Name Johnny Saxton
Weight class Welterweight
nationality US-american
birthday 4th July 1930
place of birth Newark
Combat Statistics
Struggles 66
Victories 55
Knockout victories 21st
Defeats 9
draw 2

Johnny Saxton (born July 4, 1930 in Newark , NJ; † October 4, 2008 ) was an American boxer .

On October 20, 1954, Johnny Saxton won against Kid Gavilán on points (15 rounds). So he became world champion in welterweight. He lost on February 11, 1955 to Ronnie Delaney on points, but this fight was not a title fight, so Saxton kept his belt. However, he had to give up this belt in his first regular title defense, namely he lost against Tony DeMarco on April 1, 1955 by technical knockout in round 14 (the fight was scheduled for 15 rounds). Saxton was again welterweight champion on March 14, 1956, he won on points against Carmen Basilio . After that, Johnny Saxton won three times, but none of the three fights were title fights. He lost the rematch against Carmen Basilio by knockout in round 9. Johnny Saxton also lost the third fight by knockout in round two.

After two defeats in 1958 against Arcadia Ballroom (on October 21, 1958, on points) and Willie Green (on December 15, 1958, by technical knockout in round 3) Johnny Saxton ended his boxing career.

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