Juan José Elhuyar

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Juan José Elhuyar y de Lubice (born June 15, 1754 in Logroño , Spain , † September 20, 1796 in Santafé de Bogotá , Colombia ) was a Spanish chemist and mineralogist .

Juan José Elhuyar studied chemistry with his brother Fausto Elhuyar in Paris from 1772 to 1776 and attended the Freiberg Bergakademie in 1778 . This was followed by study trips to Central Europe and Scandinavia and studying in Uppsala before returning to Spain in 1781. He was director of the mining school in Bergara and went to Colombia in 1783 as mine director.

He discovered in 1783 together with his brother Fausto Elhuyar the tungsten (in the study of wolframite from Zinnwald-Georgenfeld ).


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