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In bird of prey keeping , the term Jule is used as a seat for the birds. A distinction is made between block jule and simple jule. A conical round block of wood is used as a block jule. The seat is usually provided with cork or an upholstered leather cover. To tie up the bird of prey, an iron ring is attached to the block, to which the bird of prey is tied with the long shackle .

The simple Jule or sitting crutch is used as a seat guard for ambulance hunters . It consists of a horizontal perch that is attached to a three to four meter high mast. Julen can often be seen in orchards and are used, for example, by buzzards as a hide for hunting. They are attached. to prevent the branches of young trees, which could serve as a potential approach point, from being damaged. In addition, they can help keep the mouse population down.

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