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The Juristische Wochenschrift (JW) was a legal journal that appeared from 1872 to 1939. It was the "organ of the German Lawyers' Association ".

Initially, the legal weekly was published by the Berlin publisher Weidmann , later by the Leipzig publisher Moeser.

There are digitized copies of older volumes that are freely available on the Internet.

However , like all non-discontinued domestic German legal journals, its publication was shaped by National Socialist legal ideas during the Nazi era . From 1933, Walter Raeke was the publisher of the legal weekly as the head of the Reichsfachgruppe Rechtsanwälte in the Association of National Socialist German Jurists (from 1936 National Socialist Lawyers' Association). The co-editors included the members of the Reichsfachgruppenrat Heinrich Droege from Hamburg, as a member of the presidium of the Hamburg Bar Association involved in the expulsion of Jewish lawyers, the National Socialist star lawyer Walter Luetgebrune , Erwin Noack , Wilhelm Römer , Ferdinand Mößmer, Munich, the chairman of the Family Law Committee of the Academy for German Law , and Fritz Rudat, Königsberg.

The Neue Juristische Wochenschrift , founded in 1947 and commonly cited under its abbreviation NJW , wanted to follow up on its tradition as a lawyers' magazine .

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