Küster-Thiel calculation tables for chemical analysis

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Küster-Thiel calculation tables for chemical analysis is a book of tables with numerous tables for practical use in the chemical laboratory, which is published by Verlag Walter de Gruyter . The first edition of the book was published by Friedrich Wilhelm Küster (1861–1917) in 1894 under the title Logarithmic calculation tables for chemists, pharmacists, physicians and physicists . After his death, Alfred Thiel (1879–1942) continued the book from 1917 from the 19th to the 55th edition in 1942. After his death, Kurt Fischbeck was the editor until the 101st edition in 1980, which was replaced by Alfred Ruland in 1982. Ruland changed the title in calculation tables for chemical analysis , also because from this edition the logarithm tables were significantly reduced and the number of other tables increased. Since the 107th edition, Ursula Ruland has taken on the editing role alongside A. Ruland .


The book is divided into ten chapters

  1. Periodic table of elements, characterization of elements, compounds and groups of atoms
  2. Quantitative analyzes using chemical and physical methods
  3. Spectroscopic methods for the structure elucidation of chemical compounds
  4. Determination and calculation of physical and physico-chemical quantities
  5. Sizes, units and conversion factors
  6. Statistical evaluation of measured values ​​and validation of analysis methods
  7. Formulas and calculation aids
  8. Tables for chemical and chemical-analytical work techniques
  9. Occupational safety
  10. literature


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