Callias of Syracuse

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Callias of Syracuse was an ancient Greek historian . He lived in the 4th / 3rd Century BC Chr.

Very little is known about Callias. According to Diodorus , who in the 1st century BC Wrote a universal history, Callias wrote a history of the Sicilian tyrant Agathocles of Syracuse in 22 books. The historical work has been lost with the exception of a few fragments, but it was used by Diodorus.

Callias, who was a contemporary of Agathocles, wrote primarily on the basis of his own observations, but due to the few fragments, hardly anything can be said more precisely about possible sources. According to Diodorus, who polemicized against Callias, the work was by no means written objectively, but rather represented a panegyric description in which Agathocles was glorified and extolled. Callias himself was evidently a favorite of Agathocles, which explains the tendentious representation. The work, which apparently was tailored entirely to the deeds of Agathocles, was probably also used by Timaeus of Tauromenion .

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