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The campaign (also story campaign ) of a game, in particular of a role-playing game, is the storyline, typically divided into several sections or scenes, with the help of which a story is told. It enables the characters to develop and, for example, to depict their rise and fall and provides a framework for the process.

Role play

In the role-playing game ( pen & paper role-playing game and LARP ), campaign designates a group of individual stories (pen & paper role-playing game: adventure ; LARP: individual events) with linked actions. Sometimes these steer towards a common goal, often a final story with a special climax. In most cases, the sequence of the associated stories of such campaigns is linear, but this does not have to be, and especially in LARP there does not even have to be a context of action, as in some cases individual events that relate to the same game world are already within the scene as Campaign.

Computer games

In computer games, a campaign is a sequence of events that develops the plot or tells the story. Campaigns that can only be played as a single player are often referred to as a solo campaign . Those that are suitable for multiplayer games are run as a co-op campaign . Campaigns of this kind are often straightforward and consist primarily of missions, quests or levels lined up one behind the other , which, depending on the game , are linked by cutscenes to support the plot. In real-time strategy games , several related missions are often grouped into separate campaigns. This allows the player to play through the plot from different perspectives or the point of view of the respective factions (e.g. "good" and "bad").


The following computer games use the term campaign or campaign and contain an editor for creating new, custom campaigns:

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