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The cat house

The Katzunghaus ( Herzog-Friedrich-Straße  16) is a residential and commercial building in Innsbruck's old town . It was mentioned for the first time around 1450, one of its most famous owners was probably Konrad Seusenhofer , Emperor Maximilians I from Hofplattner .


Reliefs on the Katzunghaus

The listed building is known for its bay windows with the figural reliefs by Gregor Türing , who also worked with his father on the crest reliefs of the Golden Roof . The reliefs were created around 1530, but were replaced by cement casts in the course of the neo-Gothic redesign of the facade in 1862. The four tournament scenes and the four minstrels come closest to the original reliefs (two with peasant trumpets and woodwinds with a dancing couple, the third with musicians with violin, clarinet and lute, the fourth with two mercenaries with cockles and drums). The scenes are reminiscent of the former function of the town square as a venue for knightly fighting games and performances.

The pointed roof of the bay window and the neo-Gothic facade design were only removed in 1967 during a renewed renovation. All floors were provided with reliefs at the bay window.

The confectioner family Katzung

The roots of today's confectionery / bakery and the Katzung café go back to 1775. Johann Reiss, a bourgeois town cook , bequeathed the house and the business to his wife, from whom it passed into the possession of the Katzung family in 1791. Anton Georg Katzung, who opened a pastry shop in Innsbruck in 1793, was on the 2nd  Court confectioner of Archduchess Maria Elisabeth and city cooking. The latter circumstance probably indicates that in Innsbruck at that time the main task of a city chef was the production of fine confectionery.

Since the town's cookery business was connected to the house at that time, it was passed on through all inheritance disputes and sales due to debts. In 1910 Rosa Katzung handed over the house together with the "establishment of the cafe-restaurant and the confectionery (...) the stocks of drinks, food and sugar confectionery available at the time of the handover" to her son Richard. His daughter Paula, the "Frau Cafetier Katzung", great-granddaughter of Anton, died on December 30th, 2000. She had never trained as a confectioner, but was considered the old lady and grande dame of the old town gastronomy. Since then, the Dengg family has been running Café Katzung, which today still refers to the name and tradition from earlier times. The baroque salons Friedl and Pauli on the 1st floor can be rented for celebratory events, and the bakery is still in operation.


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