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Kemuri is a Japanese ska punk band that was formed in 1995. In 2007 the band split. After a 5 year break, a reunion was announced in summer 2012.

As early as 1996 they were able to sign a contract with Roadrunner Records , which gave the band the opportunity to organize a tour of the United States with 40 gigs in 1998 . The band then recorded 77 Days in the Descendents' studio in Fort Collins . The lyrics are mostly in English, only individual pieces are sung in Japanese. The band is well known in Japan and performed at the Fuji Rock Festival in 1998 and 2000 . Performances in Europe have so far only taken place on a 1999 tour through France.


On December 12, 2006, Kemuri announced their dissolution. In a "break up message" on their homepage they said that they had achieved more as a band than they had ever hoped for. The breakup of the band is therefore the most positive step (in the course of their PMA attitude). The last concert was played by Kemuri on December 9, 2007 at the Zepp in Tokyo.


In summer 2012 the band announced their reunion. On September 12, 2012, the first concert after the break took place as part of the AIR JAM 2012 in Japan.

Band members

  • Singing: Fumio Ito
  • Bass: Noriaki Tsuda
  • Guitar: Hidenori Minami
  • Drums: Shoji Hiraya
  • Saxophone: Ken Kobayashi
  • Trumpet: Ryosuke Morimura (died in 2003 in an accident with the band's tour bus)


  • 1997: Little Playmate
  • 1998: 77 Days
  • 2000: Senka-Senrui
  • 2001: Emotivation
  • 2004: Circles
  • 2004: Typhoon (Live Album)
  • 2005: Principle
  • 2005: Waiting for the Rain (EP)
  • 2007: Our PMA
  • 2013: All for this!

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